Rose Yourselves With our Beauty Store

Three Roses Beauty is the name of our company, and it personifies the vision of three women, inspired and enchanted by the beauty and majesty of nature, and more specifically by the Magic of the Rose.

Our mother has always been a great example to us, being a unique person, full of love and representing the embodiment of radiant beauty, vitality, and youthful appearance. For as long as we can remember she has been using Bulgarian cosmetics, and more specifically – Rose oil cosmetics. Those helped her keep the youth and the fresh look that we have become used to seeing on her face. Being her daughters, we continued that example, by using Bulgarian rose oil, yogurt, lavender, and other herbal cosmetics.

In time, we got used to having other ladies ask us about the kind of creams and perfumes we use, if they could afford them, which is our lipstick brand, and other similar questions about our secret.

This is what drove us to create this beauty garden, where every woman can indulge herself to the quality and affordable natural based cosmetics that we offer.

Our main protagonists are her Majesty the Rose, Lactobasilicus Bulgaricus, Honey, Rose hip, and the many other gifts that the Bulgarian nature has to offer.

The Bulgarian rose oil is famous and recognized all over the world, as is the beauty of the Bulgarian ladies using it. Many renowned perfumers and cosmeticians prefer it for their creations, because they know of its rich qualities and magical aroma.

So, Ladies, Rose yourselves with our Beauty store, and do not forget that the main ingredient is love!