Bulgaria is a beautiful country that can be found on the Balkan Peninsula. It has been a factor and a cultural center in Europe for over a millennium. Bulgaria is blessed by nature with a mild climate, four seasons, and a territory that is rich with springs, forests, mountain ranges, caves, rivers, and diverse flora and fauna.

Today’s Bulgaria is a developing country that has been placed in surveys among the top 10 of destinations that present a wonderful opportunity for adventure tourism. One-third of the country is covered in forests and the land has many sights, parks, and mountains that are marked by UNESCO. Its coastal line with the Black Sea is a place where tourism thrives and visitors can enjoy the fine sands and calm sea that Bulgaria is known for.

Bulgaria is home to many unique herbs, flowers, and trees that thrive in the pleasant climate conditions, and exhibit remarkable properties that the local people have learned to use for various benefits. In addition, Bulgaria has over 700 mineral springs that can be found all over the country.

Overall, the country represents a small paradise that is inhabited by hospitable and working people. Its geographical location and unique climate allow for the thriving of various rare plants and herbs, including the oil-yielding Rosa Damascena.

Bulgaria has a very long history, being the oldest country in Europe to still retain its original name. Official sources say that it has been founded in the year 681, uniting the Bulgarians with several Slavic tribes, and the local Thracians. Its people were known to be brave warriors and beautiful women with strong character. Bulgaria is a major cultural and Christian center throughout its history, being the country to harbor and develop the Cyrillic alphabet that is used by most Slavic countries today.


Bulgaria is a country that holds tight to its culture and traditions. Renowned for its agronomic success and rich with natural sights and destinations it welcomed the 21st century by entering the European Union.

Today, Bulgaria is a known tourist destination, cultural center, and a home to a vast natural and historical treasure. One of its many jewels is the Rose Valley, a place where oil-yielding roses thrive and allow for the making of exceptional natural products, remedies, and cosmetics.


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