Modern and harmless product with whitening effect. Removes age spots and pigmentation after pregnancy.

α + β – hydroxy acids exfoliate the corneum cells and help for an easier access of the patented ingredient ACHROMAXYL™, which inhibits the activity of tyrosine in the process of melanogenesis. The UV-filter protects from harmful sun rays and from photo-aging. It is recommended to be used in combination with other whitening products of the series ACHROACTIVE® Max – Face mask with a whitening effect and the Intensive whitening serum.

Method of application: Apply the cream two times during the day, at morning and night time. The first results are visible after two to three weeks, in a case of regular use. After 30 days, the cream is applied on the skin during the morning and before sun exposure. In case you have a sensitive skin and you experience small irritation or redness, you should discontinue the application for four to five days. After that, the cream is used at first only during night time, and after four to five days, during morning and night time.

Not to be used for children under 3 years old!

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