The Geranium-Zdravets water is traditionally used for its antimicrobial, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. Particularly suitable for treating irritated skin and eczema.


  • To cleanse acneic skin
  • As an after shave
  • As compress to calm reddened, irritated and inflamed skin
  • To treat skin rashes and minor wounds, spray the affected area
  •  Blend 1:1 with Lavender water and mist Measles and rubella related skin rashes to alleviate itching and speed up the healing process
  • Spray onto the pillow or in the room to calm and stabilise in cases of shock, nervousness and fear
  •  Spray on the skin before conducting lymph drainage massage


Effect: Mild, balancing, healing
• Antiviral, astringent, antimicrobial
• Anti-inflammatory and lymph flow activating
• Comforting and calming in states of agitation


Ingredients (INCI):         Geranium macrorrhizum Flower water

Storage:             Keep in a cool, dry place. For a cooling mist, store in the fridge. Use within 8 months after opening the bottle.



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Weight 300 g


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