My sensitive skin story


Sensitive skin is almost a mystery, it is difficult to detect what exactly gets our skin upset. We can say it is almost different for each individual, with different things that provoke it, but with similar final symptoms- redness, irritation etc. I don’t think there is a unique recipe, cream, routine or ingredient that suits everyone, having this problem. At least Nature is being generous with us, giving us plenty of cures – chamomile, rose, lemon balm, etc. What we could do is find out our own routine and the specific products and herbs that work for us!

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My “sensitive face skin issue”, started about 3 years ago, when after a stressful period, lots of changes and tension, I ended up with highly reactive face skin,  red with small rash , without an obvious reason for that. Most of the times, it was happening when I exposed myself at sun, I was stressed, when I didn’t get enough rest, when I didnt eat healthy,  when I felt embarrassed or I used “wrong cosmetics” (all recommended by doctors) and sometimes without any reason. To be completely honest I had a very hard time, especially the days when I was trying not to use foundation and I had to meet people, since I have always being “the girl with perfect skin”, never had teenage skin conditions, maybe just a pimple ones every two years!

I noticed that none of the cosmetics and creams that were prescribed to me by the dermatologists, that I visited worked out. In the end I decided to try figure it out by myself! I started using only natural products, pure from chemistry and synthetics. I ended up using natural oils and creams and floral water. Another very important thing that I did was to calm down, to accept my condition, to be more positive, to try not to stress that much, to drink more water, teas and fresh juices, to be more relaxed and try to stay less inside the house/office and in front of the laptop and the mobile phone and have more time for meditation, walks and Nature!

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