The rose is and has always been a symbol of youth, beauty and health. Its unrivaled aroma and gentle scent are known all over the world, yet roses that are used for the extraction of rose oil are the reason why this flower is considered a true gift of nature. Bulgaria is one of the few places in the world that have the conditions and climate for the growing of such roses, specifically, the Bulgarian Rose, or  Rosa Damascena.

Growing roses in Bulgaria begins way back in the 16th century, in what is known today as “The Valley of the Roses”. During the 19th century, Bulgaria dominates the worldwide export of this product and it is still a major factor on the world market to this day.

The specific qualities of the Bulgarian rose oil are its rich and lasting aroma, its pale yellow-green color, and the balanced chemical makeup of volatile substances and hydrocarbons. Its chemical characteristics are tightly related to the geographical features of The Valley of the Roses, which makes it completely different compared to other rose oils from around the world.

The Bulgarian rose has a strong and deep aroma and allows for the extraction of rose oil of the highest quality. That product is very expensive and has unique properties. It is considered to be a natural elixir with countless benefits, which is why it is often referred to as liquid gold. The rose oil contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients. It is used in many aspects of modern culture and can by applied to cosmetics, food, drinks, and numerous health products.

In cosmetics

roza_small1The rich and consistent aroma of the Bulgarian rose oil make it a perfect ingredient for various cosmetics products that can range from skin and body oils to perfumes, toilet water, cleaners, masks, and various therapy and aromatherapy products. It has a unique restorative and regenerative effect on the skin, as well as anti-inflammatory, cooling, and soothing effects that help with various skin problems, itches, and rashes. On top of that, it is an irreplaceable ingredient for a wide variety of fragrances and is used by some of the world-renowned perfume companies.


Aromatherapy with rose oil reduces cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone, and has a positive effect against depression. Its scent is soothing for the senses and relaxes the body and the spirit alike. Rose oil and water can reduce blood pressure and slow fast paced breathing. It can even be used to help with heart problems.

Health Applications

zx450y250_2565880Rose oil can be used in a wide spectrum of health products, as well as for the stimulus of the immune system and the metabolism. It can improve digestion and is recommended for various allergies and asthma. The anti-inflammatory qualities of rose water are proven and well-known, which is why it is used for disinfection and against bacteria. It also helps with fighting off different illnesses, including conjunctivitis. On the other hand, essential rose oil is used in psychotherapy because it acts as an antidepressant.

In the Food Industry

Rose water is the perfect addition to food and drinks, giving an exceptional aroma to energizing teas, desserts, non-carbonated drinks, candy, coffee, and various delicacies. It can be applied in cooking and serves as a unique ingredient in some local Bulgarian recipes.

Other Uses

Back in the days, rose oil, water, and other products have only been available to the highest echelons of society. Today, the qualities of the rose are known to the people and it is there where one can find some of the more unorthodox applications for this gift of nature. Those even include curing flu and its symptoms with rose flower tea. It can also be used as a cure for mouth ulcers, menstrual and stomach aches, and even urinary tract problems.

Bulgarian rose oil is known throughout the world and is most revered in Japan, USA, Germany, Belgium, and France. Its 300 chemical compounds give it the rich and lasting aroma that makes the Bulgarian rose oil the best in the world.


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