Rosa alba water helps to balance the pH of the skin, to regulate sebum production, and sooth problematic or irritated skin.

Aroma: Sweet floral, crisp, vibrant, sensual


Effect: Mild, uplifting, balancing, aphrodisiac
• Soothing and moisturizing, suitable for dry, mature and very sensitive skin
• Anti-inflammatory, calming and regenerating
• Refreshing and calming for tired, irritated eyes
• Comforting, relieving tension and agitation


  • Spray on a cotton pad to cleanse the face
    • Mist onto face and neck
    • Spray onto hair as a natural hair conditioner
    • To soothe the skin after sun burn spray directly and you will feel the effect within seconds.
    • Mist onto face to fix make-up
    • When having to spend long hours in front of the computer screen, mist onto your eyes to refresh and calm them.
    • Add 1-5 drops of essential oil to 50ml white rose flower for a natural deodorant spray in the company of synergetic effects. Blends well with lavender, bergamot, lemon, pettitgrain
    • Use a base to mix ARMINA’s face masks
    • Use as ingredient in DIY personalized facial creams
    • To make a second skin emulsion mix 15ml white rose flower water, 15ml sweet almond oil and 4 drops of your preferred essential oil, shake well and spray onto face for a nourishing treatment
    • Mist bed linens for a better sleep
    • Mist in the room to enhance meditation and prayer
    • Add 2 spoonfuls of white rose water to the bathing water of babies for a calming and pleasurable bath experience


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Ingredients (INCI): Rosa Alba Flower water

Steam Distilled

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place. For a cooling mist, store in the fridge. Use within 8 months after opening the bottle.



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